Thursday, June 13, 2013

My New Blog at

To my followers and those that stumble across this blog,

I no longer maintain this blog - but will continue to leave it up for Pentaho related content that might still be relevant. I no longer post about Pentaho as I work for QlikTech and support QlikView and QlikView Expressor products - from a Product Marketing perspective.

I appreciate your questions about Pentaho, but they are best left for the Pentaho Community Forums. There is a great group of individuals, both employees and members that are enthusiastic and happy to help.

Please visit to post your question.

If you would like, please join me at my new blog at that covers topics on Data Integration (ETL), Business Discovery, Data Governance, Metadata Management, QlikView and QlikView Expressor.

Michael Tarallo
Senior Product Marketing Manager
QlikView and QlikView Expressor
QlikTech Inc.