Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pentaho Harnesses Apache Hadoop to Deliver Big Data Analytics

Pentaho First Major BI Vendor to Announce Support for Apache Hadoop

Orlando, FL – May 19, 2010 – Pentaho Corporation, the open source business intelligence (BI) leader, today announced plans to deliver the industry’s first complete end-to-end data integration and business intelligence platform to support Apache Hadoop. The Pentaho BI Suite features a single visual development environment that dramatically simplifies the creation of applications for analyzing the massive volumes of information currently being collected by enterprises. This will widen the appeal of Apache Hadoop by enabling developers and business analysts to more quickly and easily access and analyze data.

Hadoop is rapidly becoming a technology of choice for enterprises that need to effectively collect, store and process large amounts of structured and complex data, including many of the world’s leading consumer websites and financial services organizations. Hadoop, in its raw form, lacks easy-to-use interfaces for timely and cost-effective analysis. The Pentaho Enterprise BI Suite delivers a unified visual design environment for ETL, report design, analytics and dashboards, providing an enterprise friendly environment for using Apache Hadoop. Pentaho is enabling more organizations to reap the benefits of Hadoop by making it easier and faster to create BI applications.

The first deliverable in this initiative is the enhancement of Pentaho Data Integration (PDI) to be the visual design environment for ETL processes that include the manipulation of Apache Hadoop files and the execution of Hadoop tasks. This enables the design and execution of ETL processes that involve both Hadoop and non-Hadoop tasks. This deliverable also includes an embedded ETL engine for Hadoop. Soon, Hadoop users will be able to transform, manipulate, and aggregate files and data using the full functionality of a robust graphical designer and powerful ETL engine. The next set of deliverables, to follow soon after, will enable reporting, dashboards and analysis directly against data stored in Hadoop.

* The Pentaho BI Suite offers comprehensive data integration, reporting and analytical capabilities that enable Hadoop developers and business analysts to quickly and easily create BI applications without coding.
* Pentaho Data Integration (also known as Kettle) is a natural technology fit and data integration solution for Hadoop given its rich design tools, scalable architecture, open source distribution and adoption at a large number of Hadoop sites.
* Pentaho is the first full-function BI vendor to announce support for the Hadoop platform, further cementing the open source provider’s status as an innovation leader in the BI industry.
* Pentaho’s support of Hadoop marks another key milestone in the company’s Agile BI initiative, aimed at simplifying the use of BI for a much wider set of users across the enterprise, resulting in faster time to value and increased ROI.
* The Pentaho BI Suite offers unmatched deployment flexibility as the same full-feature platform can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud or embedded in custom applications.
* Apache Hadoop, a top-level Apache project, is built by a vibrant community of developers around the world. It is a Java software framework that supports data-intensive, distributed applications, allowing them to work with thousands of nodes and petabytes of data.


“Five years ago, few people anticipated the common need to perform analytics on tens of terabytes of data, but we’ve blown past that threshold,” said Richard Daley, founder and CEO of Pentaho. “Organizations of all sizes are facing a massive influx of both structured and unstructured data. Pentaho is helping them to cost-effectively maximize the benefit they obtain from the information they collect.”

"The demanding pressure to apply Analytics to deliver insight for business continues to grow as the volumes of data exponentially grow," said Mark Smith, CEO & EVP Research at Ventana Research. "Pentaho is stepping up to lead the integration of data for Hadoop and provide the BI platform and tools to generate the Analytics and deliver a broad range of capabilities for business and IT."

“We use Hadoop simply because we hit the wall with traditional RDBMS based on our impression volume,” said Naghi Prasad, Vice President of Engineering at Offerpal. “The combination of Hadoop and Pentaho will give us the opportunity to easily and cost effectively take our ‘big data’ analysis to an entirely new level and gain insights never before possible.”

“Attributor’s Guardian™ monitoring service scans more than 40 billion pages daily; consequently, our data needs are significant,” said Adrian McDermott, CTO of Attributor. “We are committed to both Hadoop and Pentaho, and this integration is a huge win for us.”

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* Watch a demonstration of Pentaho Enterprise integration with Hadoop.
* Read the blog “Big Data Shouldn’t Mean Big Costs” by Pentaho Founder and CEO Richard Daley.
* Reserve your place in the beta program.

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