Monday, June 27, 2011

Pentaho Report Bursting with Pentaho Data Integration

Originally posted on the Pentaho Evaluation Sandbox

Report bursting is the process of sending personalized formatted results derived from one or more queries to multiple destinations. Destinations can be file systems, email distribution lists, network printers or even FTP hosts. Allowing a greater method of distribution. Usually, the end result will display information pertinent to the recipient or location; therefore each recipient only sees their own data. Below is a brief example of how Pentaho Report Bursting can be achieved with Pentaho Data Integration 4.2. By leveraging Pentaho Data Integration's new Pentaho Reporting Output step, once can create a simple tasks that executes and renders multiple reports from a single Pentaho Report template. This is a truly powerful example of how Pentaho Data Integration can be used for more than just ETL.

Special thanks to Wayne Johnson, Senior Sales Engineer for providing the sample and setup document.

How To document and sample here