Friday, October 29, 2010

Pentaho Data Integration Reporting Plug-in

I was recently invited, by Matt Casters (Pentaho Data Integration’s Chief Architect and founder of the Kettle Project) to test out a new plug-in for Pentaho Data Integration version 4.1 RC1. The Pentaho Reporting Plug-in, is a new transformation step entry that allows the execution of a Pentaho Reporting object (*.PRPT) to be rendered and saved to a desired location on a file system. With the included efforts of Thomas Morgner (Chief Architect and founder of Pentaho Reporting formerly JFree Report), Matt was ale to develop this plug-in in a very short time period due to the tight integration between both of the products; a “couple of evenings” to be exact. This plug-in can serve a number of use cases, from including additional reporting capabilities in to the actual flow of an ETL job to more advanced EII, EAI type work-flow processes. ork-flow. One of the most powerful differentiators of Pentaho Data Integration is that it is not just used for ETL. Along with the Pentaho BI Platform and Pentaho Reporting – real-time data access, data federation and data virtualization can be achieved.

Check it out and give it a try here:

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pentaho Data Access and 3.7 New Features

Come see a brief tutorial of the new features available in Pentaho 3.7 as well as how easily one can prototype their data with the new Data Access and thin client model editor.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Pentaho Pre-Sales Sandbox

Quick Bit About Pentaho

Pentaho has been all about building and delivering a scalable, complete end-to-end BI Suite from day one. From making the software "possible" during those humble beginnings to making it "available" and now "easy". You will find that Pentaho has an extensive offering that is both flexible and intuitive. Pentaho software has been targeted as the Commercial Open Source BI alternative by System Integrators, Consultancies, Enterprises, OEMs and SMBs. It has been deployed worldwide in a variety of industries; supporting mission critical applications which encompass both data integration and information delivery, all provided by "one" vendor, Pentaho.

The Pentaho Pre-Sales Sandbox

The Pre-Sales Sandbox is a resource that will streamline the effectiveness of the Evaluation/Selection process. With this resource at hand, you will be able to make an informed decision as quickly and efficiently as possible. Examples, tutorials, consolidated information are staged here to view and download to assist you in your evaluation process. Please be aware that the collateral available on this site can be posted on a moments notice and is intended to serve the masses as quickly as possible. Therefore the content downloaded may be a work in progress, a draft, incomplete, or limited in detail. Please see our website at for more information about our products and value added services.

Who should use this resource

This resource is primarily for those who are actively evaluating the Pentaho BI suite. It is not a replacement for our FREE evaluation support offering or the Pentaho Knowledge Base. It has been designed for those who are intending on exploring the power, flexibility and extensibility of the software. They have a basic understanding of Business Intelligence applications including information delivery and data integration. They are familiar with concepts of accessing data sources, creating and publishing reports as well as understand the fundamentals of ETL (Extract Transfer Load). They understand terminology such as metric, measure, dimension and have a general understanding of data modeling. Professional documentation for the Pentaho BI suite, including Administration and Security guides are located in the Knowledge Base.

If you are evaluating Pentaho, or are simply a bit curious come check out the Pentaho Pre-Sales Sandbox here:

I hope to speak with you in person.

Michael Tarallo
Pre-Sales Director