Tuesday, March 29, 2011

High Availability and Scalability with Pentaho Data Integration


Experts often possess more data than judgment. - Colin Powell. Perhaps because they did not have a highly scalable Business Intelligence solution in place to assist them with their judgment. :-)

Data is everywhere! The amount of data being collected by organizations today is experiencing explosive growth. In general, ETL (Extract Transform Load) tools have been designed to move, cleanse, integrate, normalize and enrich raw data to make it meaningful and available for potential decision makers. Once data has been "optimized", it can then be turned into "actionable" information using the appropriate business applications or Business Intelligence software. Significant information could then be used to discover how to increase profits, reduce costs or even suggest what your next movie rental on Netflix should be. The ability to pre-process this raw-data before making it available to the masses, becomes increasingly vital to organizations that must collect, merge and create a centralized repository containing "one version of the truth". Having an ETL solution that is always available, extensible, flexible and highly scalable is an integral part of processing this data.

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Michael Tarallo
Senior Director of Sales Engineering