Monday, March 23, 2009

Pentaho 3.0 the Community and the Cloud - WOW

Commercial Open Source Business Intelligence company Pentaho is joining the roster of applications available via Inc.'s EC2 Web hosting service.

Companies will be able to "rent" the new release of Pentaho, Version 3.0, via EC2. That arrangement should lower the upfront start-up costs of using Pentaho -- though those costs were already low to begin with. ;-) A Pentaho subscription is a fraction of what a proprietary vendor would charge you for software licenses alone.

In fact many well known companies are saving money and subscribe to Pentaho to receive development assistance as well as the Enterprise Edition certified build. EE is Q/A'd, updated and maintained on a regular basis which also includes a host of features and functionality that are not available in the Community Edition.

Other new features in Pentaho 3.0 include redesigned dashboards that incorporate Adobe Flash technology for enhanced visuals and are now easy enough for most business end users to build themselves using the Pentaho Dashboard Designer.

Another great accolade is the integration of the Community Dashboard Framework project, initiated by Pedro Alves and Ingo Klose. For even the most novice developer who wants to go outside of the box, Pentaho now includes the Community Dashboard Framework. CDF is built upon the superior Pentaho architecture. Imagine creating more of your own rich and interactive content with very little development. In fact even "cut and paste" programmers can benefit from this easy to use framework. With complete documentation, samples and cut and paste markup, customizing Pentaho content is easier than ever. Pentaho's open-source community includes 40,000 registered members and "hundreds of active contributors."

Pentaho Commercial Open Source Business Intelligence, user friendly, cloud ready and community powered.

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Tom Barber said...

The sample dashes do look cool, good on you guys and Pedro for getting it done.