Saturday, May 21, 2011

Spatial Reporting with Pentaho and Google Maps

Pentaho Experience Level: Medium to Advanced

Spatial or also known as Geographical Reporting, is a great way to answer the question: "Where are my....(fill in the blank here)?" It is a great way to visualize the spatial or location component of your data (Latitude, Longitude, Country, County, Region, City, State, Zip Code etc). It can also tell you where the lowest or highest concentration of a desired metric may lie with the use of color gradients or conditionally styled points. The ability to drill in even deeper, allows you to eliminate the surrounding areas and focus your attention on the areas that may need it most. The Pentaho BI Platform can take advantage of 3rd party visualization solutions such as the Google Maps API and integrate it as a component that can be used with the Pentaho User Console.

Read more and come see and example in action here:


Michael Tarallo
Director of Sales Engineering


Sandro Frattura said...

the link above is no longer valid, Michael

Michael Tarallo said...

Hi Sandro - sorry - they removed all my work when I left Pentaho 6 years ago. Since then I went to Expressor which was acquired by QlikTech. I am now Senior Product Marketing Manager for QlikView and QlikView Expressor. You may want contact someone at Pentaho or the Pentaho community for help. Take care.