Saturday, January 22, 2011

Guided Ad hoc 2.0 with Pentaho 3.x

A barrier that may be encountered when adopting a Business Intelligence tool is...ease of use. If the BI tool is too difficult for business users to use or understand, they may resort back to using antiquated desktop databases and spreadsheets. If the new BI tool is not being used to the best of its abilities, then the organization is not leveraging their BI investment. Therefore its dreams of consolidating information and delivering one version of the truth just went out the window. **CRASH** Sure training, mentorship and education can help with this barrier, however there are many individuals that are simply resistant to change. What if there was another way to provide robust reporting capabilities without a steep learning curve? Possibly with the creation of templates designed for a specific purpose? Let's leave the Dashboards, Ad hoc query and OLAP tools for the experts and provide a simpler way for the technically challenged to run and create reports.

Read more about it here and watch the tutorial and download the sample:

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