Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pentaho Reporting and Pentaho Analysis

The Pentaho BI Suite consists of the following BI modules: Reporting, Analysis, Data Integration, Dashboards and Data Mining. The modules can be deployed as an entire package or as individual components that can be integrated and embedded. Traditionally, each module is used in conjunction with a specific business need. The focus of this article will be to highlight the differences and similarities between Pentaho Reporting and Pentaho Analysis. Most organizations already have some form of Operational Reporting and Analysis tools. These tools are used for tracking business performance, trends and uncovering potential problems that require action. Business questions usually fall into a few categories. Questions that are asked on a regular basis for certain time periods (years, quarters,months, weeks) and questions that are asked for a purpose - usually random in nature, posed to uncover potential problems or outliers and can be commonly referred to as Ad hoc queries or OLAP Analysis.

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